1. Installing SJ Social Cloud

After you downloaded your Joomla extension, just go to Extensions -> Extension Manager -> select the Upload Package File from the top tabs -> click on the Choose File button and select the SJ Social Cloud zip file -> click on the Upload & Install blue button.

Your module will now appear in the Module Manager section.


2. Basic settings for your extension

In the Extensions -> Module Manager section, find your SJ Social Cloud module and click on it to acess the module's setup section.
You can find all the module's options right in the first window that opens.
First, from the bottom side of the page change the Status of the module into Published, put it into the desired Position and, if you want your module to be displayed with a title, select from the right Show at the Show Title section. Last, give your module the title that you want it to be displayed with.
Also, don't forget to set the display for your module on the pages you want it to be shown: Module Assignment section.


3. General Settings

In this section, you can customize the size of the cloud (width and height) and icon, the shape, the start speed (this will be the cloud speed at webpage load), cloud max speed (this is the speed for the animation when mouseover), the target for opening the link (open in same window/ open in new window) and the number of the icons inside the cloud.


4. Icon Setup

Inside this section, you can customize the icons you like to have inside the cloud.


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